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SMC Elite 16T (ISA) is not recognized by win2k
tosun Jun-29-00 03:22 AM

I'm trying to install an ethernet card (SMC Elite 16T) on an MVP3C2 board by win2k. Win2k simply does not recognize the card though it
is supported by the OS. (SMC, MS say so...)
I tried to install it manually but I cannot find a free "memory range" for it. Win2k simply says that "The resource is unavailable" for
all the memory ranges. I checked the other devices, PCI BUS seems to be getting that part of the resource with a lot other memory...(it may not be using it though).
I wonder whether I have to make some adjustments in the BIOS in order to make that space available for the ISA card(s?).
If somebody can help I'll appreciate,
Serkan Tosun

1. RE: SMC Elite 16T (ISA) is not recognized by win2k
lbyard Jun-29-00 12:19 PM
In response to message 0
Serkan, Start by running the diagnostics which came on the floppy with the network adapter. Larry

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