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mail ip addresses
robert03 Sep-19-01 02:12 AM
does anyone in canada know rogers pop and smtp ip address, can't recieve mail behind an smc router, smc faq says enter ip not server name.

1. RE: mail ip addresses
gudlife Sep-19-01 10:37 PM
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You should be able to find out yourself...Open a Dos window and type ping servername.com and your comp should report the server's ip to you-


2. RE: mail ip addresses
robert03 Sep-20-01 01:43 AM
In response to message 1
yup tried that already, rogers manual told me to enter the word "mail" in both pop and smtp.
so the first thing i tried was ping mail.rogers.ca but got unknown host. then i tried pop.rogers.ca but still nothing.
any oter ideas, dont want to call them and wait for hrs just to ask for the ip's.

3. RE: mail ip addresses
gudlife Sep-20-01 05:00 AM
In response to message 2
Ping mail

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