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Sygate network with three computers
sellmerch Sep-14-01 02:19 PM
I am using sygate with my home network on the acer warplink wireless system. I have a desktop (host) connected to @home ISP and the Acer USB wireless network, another desktop (client) with the Acer wireless network card installed and a laptop (client) with the acer warplink pcmcia card. All three computers have the sygate 3.0 software installed which allows multiple clients I believe a total of 4 computers. I had reinstalled the multiple client software over the original 2 computer licensed software that comes with warplink network about a month ago. All the connections work fine, I have full access to the internet on all three computers and all is well with that. I currently have two problems which I have been unable to resolve. Any help with these problems would be greatly appreciated.
1.) I can only have 1 of the client computers using the internet connection at a time. If I try to use the internet on both clients at the same time it will only allow one to function.
2.) I can not seem to set up email access from any of my clients I have tried both IE 5.0 and Netscape and neither allows me to access my email from the client computers.

I am using Windows 98 SE and IE5, IE6 and netscape old and new versions. But mostly I use Netscapes browser.

2. RE: Sygate network with three computers
lbyard Sep-14-01 04:26 PM
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Try uninstalling and doing a clean install of Sygate. Larry

3. RE: Sygate network with three computers
kaburr Sep-28-01 03:47 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Sep-28-01 AT 03:48 PM (GMT)

I am connected with @home on a cable modem and I found out only through persistant inquiries that if you want E-mail access on "shared" access computers you have to have a more specific E-mail server address. As an example for a regularly connected machine the e-mail server is simply "mail" For computers accessing with a "shared" connection the E-mail server address had to be mail.on.wave.home.com in order for the "shared connection" computers to access my E-mailaccounts. Check with your ISP and tell them if they cant help you with an ICS machine problem maybe you need a new IP provider. This worked for me.

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