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Redux - SMC 7004BR Zoom External Modem 2 Computers
RLSutton Sep-05-01 05:28 PM
I have presently at home two computers (running Win98) plus a SMC 7004BR (firmware version 1.93e) and an Epson inkjet printer running in good condition for several months. After our attempt at getting DSL at our house failed (problems at the telco end - very long story), I am trying to get our Zoom Model 2949L external modem working through the serial port on the router. The modem works just great when it is hooked up directly to the PC through the serial port. When I have it hooked up the router and try to dial out, it will dial out but will drop the connection after five seconds or so. The tech people at Zoom gave me a number of command strings to type into the Extra Settings location for the router setup page but none of them have worked. They are:


The tech support people at SMC were of less help
. If anyone has had luck with getting their external modem to work through the router and can share their expertise, I would appreciate it.

1. RE: Redux - SMC 7004BR Zoom External Modem 2 Computers
lbyard Sep-06-01 00:17 AM
In response to message 0
Others have seen problems with this combination. See http://duxcw.com/dcforum/DCForumID2/1036.html. Larry

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