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Networking 2 Win 98 computor
Irobot Sep-05-01 09:45 AM
I set up the Netbui protocol and crossover cable according to duxcw "How to..." instructions - and on initial setup both PCs see each other - one a Compaq Presario 2294, the the other an IBM clone using a Biostar motherboard. For some reason on reboot (another session from setup i.e later on...) the Presario drops itself from the network but still recognises the clone. The clone recognises itself but not the Presario. Drivesharing of the clone is present at the Presario but not vice versa. I can restore two way visibility by changing the workgroup name on the PCs but later when the Presario reboots, it drops itself from Network Neighbourhood. I continue to be able to see the clone from the Presario. I note that when I change the workgroup, the clone always requests I insert my Win98 disk before auto reboot - and updates sys. The Presario does not. Any suggestions?

1. RE: Networking 2 Win 98 computor
TooEarly Sep-05-01 11:26 AM
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Try changing the workgroup of the clone since the Presario one is not changing...

if thats not your problem...

Make sure that both computers have their files shared under "properties" in network neighborhood!

I'm pretty sure that should work!

If worst comes to worst try to use the "Find --> Computer" function in the start menu and type in the name of the computer (the names Must be differ) that should be able to find your computer. Usually after you change anything in Network you will have to reboot your computer. I hope that this helps you!

3. RE: Networking 2 Win 98 computor
Irobot Sep-08-01 01:22 AM
In response to message 1
Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately "Finding Computor" did not solve my one=way recognition problem. I found most progress folowing Ibyard's advice but this has still left the Clone blind to the Presario. The presarion does now see itself and appears to have created my PC workgroup as a subnet of Network Neighbourhood with both PCs present - on the Presario only. I still have work to do to get it truly two way.


2. RE: Networking 2 Win 98 computor
lbyard Sep-05-01 04:01 PM
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You might try to make one of the computers the Browse Master (Start, Settings, Control Panel, Network, File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks, Properties button--not the File and Print Sharing button) and disable the Browse Master in the other one... The Browse Master should be the most used computer and that computer should be turned on first and be allowed to boot-up all the way up before bring-up the other one. See http://duxcw.com/faq/network/bm.htm, http://duxcw.com/faq/network/brreq.htm , and http://duxcw.com/faq/network/browsenet.htm for more info. Larry

4. RE: Networking 2 Win 98 computor
Irobot Sep-08-01 01:27 AM
In response to message 2
Thanks for your help Larry. The selection of Master in Print & File Sharing has now made the Presario visible, at least to itself. I now have wahat appears to be my workgroup as a subnet of Network Neighbourhood with both PCs visible at the Presario - previously only the clone was visible directly under NWN without the presence of my workgroup subnet icon. I still have this issue of not seeing the Presario at the clone. Nor for that matter the workgroup subnet icon. I'll digest the FAQs you linked and work through the issue.
Any further ideas welcome



5. RE: Networking 2 Win 98 computor
ykle Sep-08-01 02:51 AM
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I think it might be the problem of win98. You can try to remove the network cards of both machine and install them again. I think it will work by resetting the network card.

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