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Separate LAN and ADSL connection
akabaila Sep-04-01 07:41 AM
I have one "Main" PC with two NIC's and two others with one NIC each. My main PC is connected to a broadband.

I had all three PC's on a tiny LAN before connecting to the broadband. I would like to keep the broadband connection on the "Main" PC, but have all three PC's on the same LAN. (For this reason I have added a second NIC to the "Main" PC.)

All the information I have read refers to sharing the internet connection by all machines on a LAN. I do not need that - all I want is to have one "Main" PC on internet and all three PC's on a (separate) LAN.

All three machines have Win98SE OS and all are old Intel Pentium/Celeron PC's

How can I get a separate LAN for all three PC's and Internet connection on one PC only?

All hints will be gratefully received. Since I am in down-under Canberra and a mere youngster of 76, I need all the help I can get.



1. RE: Separate LAN and ADSL connection
BBATES Sep-04-01 01:51 PM
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If I understand correctly you want the main pc to be the only pc with internet connectivity via broadband. I would say you will need to assign IP addresses to the LAN pc's within the same subnet as the main pc. Unless the main pc has ICS installed or is a server with routing capabilites the LAN pc's would not have access to the broadband connection.

3. RE: Separate LAN and ADSL connection
lbyard Sep-04-01 02:41 PM
In response to message 0
>How can I get a separate
>LAN for all three PC's
>and Internet connection on one
>PC only?

It appears that you already have the hardware configuration to accomplish that. Simply do not install any Internet Connection Sharing software. The one PC with the two network adapters should be able to access the Internet with one of them and the Local Area Network with the other. I would install TCP/IP and bind it to the network adapter connected to the Internet. It should be configured per your service providerís instructions. Or, come back if you need more help with that. I would then install the NetBEUI protocol (similar to http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/net2pc/intro.htm) and bind it (associate it) to the network adapter connected to your local network. For improved security, remove TCP/IP from that adapter and remove NetBEUI from the adapter to the Internet. Install only NetBEUI on the other computers. Larry

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