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tcp port mapping on windows 2000 server
celia Aug-29-01 10:29 PM
can anyone please tell me how to open ports on a win2000 server? I'm running webcam32 on a machine connected to this server - and webcam32 asks me to assign a port for streaming live data. The cam on the server (i only have 1 on the server) is set at 8888 and works without a problem. The other 6 cams working off of the other machine are not getting through. Can anyone help me, please? I'd really appreciate it!

1. RE: tcp port mapping on windows 2000 server
lbyard Aug-30-01 05:49 PM
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If itís using IIS FTP see MS KB Article ID: Q149605, How to Change the TCP Port for IIS Services, at http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q149/6/05.asp?, else please provide more detail. Larry

2. RE: tcp port mapping on windows 2000 server
waddy Sep-01-01 11:59 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Sep-02-01 AT 00:00 AM (GMT)

Go to your internet connection in dial up networking, right click on it , choose sharing, then >> settings tab ...

In there you can Map ports etc for aplications and even allow an IP certain ports ....

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