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Crossover Cables
terryG Aug-29-01 05:48 PM
I have correctly created a crossover cable for a peer to peer connection using the pins 1,2,3, and 6. However, I also crossed over the other 4 wires in the process. What I've been reading is that the blue and brown pairs are not being used for 100baseT connections. Will my mixup cause any problems? My peer to peer connection has been functioning correctly for the last 2 months, but early this week, the connection has gone down.

2. RE: Crossover Cables
lbyard Aug-29-01 06:02 PM
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Crossing the other two pairs should not cause problems. As you have correctly stated, the blue and brown pairs and their associated pins are not used in the 100BASE-TX/10BASET standards. However, “I have correctly created a crossover cable…” is an assumption I have made many times and discovered the assumption was not correct when the cable was tested . Suggest doing something so darn obvious that is escapes many people. Unplug and plug-in the RG-45 plugs at both ends of the cable. Check the Link LEDs, which should be on all of the time after turning on booting-up the computers at both ends. Look for a chair leg on top of the cable, etc. Larry

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