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Can't see adapter in Netwoek Neighbourhood Properties
royjacob Aug-28-01 08:58 PM
Can someone please please help me. I have bee ntrying to figure this out for days. I am trying to network 2 computers. A Windows 95 (Pentium 1) with an ISA network adapter and a Windows 98SE (Pentium 2) with a PCI network adapter (D-Link DFE-530TX 10/100 adpater). Now on the Windows 95 computer, the network neighbourhood properties does show the installed network adapter and its protocol. However, on the Windows 98 computer(D-Link adapter), it doesn't show the adapter on Net Neighborhood. I am a rookie in netweoking but I understand that without seeing the adapters on net neighbourhood, I cannot proceed.

1. RE: Can't see adapter in Netwoek Neighbourhood Properties
waddy Aug-29-01 01:34 AM
In response to message 0
right click on "my Computer" choose Device manager look under network adapters ....

if theres a ? next to it , install the drivers...

if theres nothing there .....shutdown, remove the card , reboot... then
Shutdown again, put the card in and reboot and hopefully windows will see it....

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