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IE5 working with ICS...very slow
chuckthrone Jun-25-00 03:37 AM
I have set up my home network with lots of pain. Here is how it is configured

3-com five port 10/100 hub and two 3-com home connect 10/100 nic cards

IP set up
machine has a 450 processor and 128 meg of ram. ATA/66 enable harddrive. Not too bad.

Client 1&2
IP (3) (static)

DNS is enabled and is the address for my isp. This is the only way I could set it up to see the net.

ICS is up and running, all the protocalls in place.

All other protocalls have been removed except tcp/ip.

SyGate installed.

Under internet options, lan settings, all boxes are un-checked.

Problem...I use the ping in dos and ping different sites, I get the same results as the host machine. I can check e-mail from any client using Outlook Express, but a lot slower than the Host. When using IE5 from the client I may download the page after a long period of time (several minutes) or get a message that I have been reset by the peer or could not download page or disconnect by peer. My host machine serfs the web fine. I have about a 49 KPS downlaod rate...not bad for a modem. Both clients on the system are configured the same except the ip address. The other problem I am seeing is that the AOL IM is constantly disconnecting. ICQ seems to be stable.

When transferring files from one machine to another, seems fine. A 2 meg file will take about 20 secs.

What can be the problem...using 100 mbps cards

Microsoft and 3-com have been no help...just have me do all the things over I have already done...

Any help will be apperciated.

1. RE: IE5 working with ICS...very slow
lbyard Jun-26-00 03:43 PM
In response to message 0
You don't mean Win 98 SE ICS, do you? Don't run ICS with SyGate. If you just have SyGate running and still have a problem, you may need to disable SyGate's DHCP server when using static IP's. Larry

2. RE: IE5 working with ICS...very slow
chuckthrone Jun-26-00 05:44 PM
In response to message 1
I need to make myself clear...I had ICS up, but could not surf with IE5. So in researching the problem on your site, I kept seeing referrals to Sygate. So I unloaded ICS and loaded Sygate. I could get explorer to see the net but would take tooooo long to download. I also found out that Sygate doesn't like ICQ. So I have unloaded Sygate and I have ICS back up. I can log on to AOL IM and ICQ and ICQ will go out and look for new contacts on its server, but IE5 will not go to any sites on the web. I unloaded everything on all the computers and started all over agin after deleting all the keys in the registry that delt with ICS and protocols. After the install I let the client machines pick up the IP address using DCHP. I still can't surf the web with IE. I went in and set it up with static IP and still can't surf the web. It is almost as if IE on the client is not talking to the host. I can ping sites from the dos prompt, but still can't surf with IE. I went on Microsoft site and went through the trouble shooter and did all the things they said, but still have the problem. I hope this clears thing up. I am now running Windows 98 SE ICS. Can get to the web through ICQ and AOL IM but not with IE5. Can check e-mail with outlook express, but will time out and not download all the e-mail. I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

3. RE: IE5 working with ICS...very slow
lbyard Jun-26-00 07:14 PM
In response to message 2
Make sure no radio buttons are checked in Tools, Internet Options, Connections, LAN Settings. ICS likes to turn Use proxy on. It should be off. You may have problems with ICQ and AOL with ICS. SyGate is clearly the better solution if you are going to do more than occassional browsing and downloading. Go to Start, Help, Web Help and search Win 98 SE with keyword ICS. You will find bunches of articles and reasons I say SyGate is a better product. While there look for the article on using ICS with static IPs. Larry

4. RE: IE5 working with ICS...very slow
chuckthrone Jun-26-00 11:45 PM
In response to message 3
I had Sygate loaded and still had the same problem. Who can help? It is obvious that something on the host machine is not letting the client machine access the web.

5. RE: IE5 working with ICS...very slow
lbyard Jun-27-00 02:12 PM
In response to message 4
I wish I had noticed this earlier... Transferring a 2 MByte file in 20 seconds on a 100 Mhz network is not good. I can transfer 30 MBytes in 15 seconds. Check you cables. See http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/cable/index.htm. Swap hub ports. Use host tables. See C:\windows\hosts.sam. Larry

6. RE: IE5 working with ICS...very slow
chuckthrone Jun-30-00 07:56 PM
In response to message 5
FIXED PROBLEM! Seems that my 3com card and mother board did not like each other. It slowed my network down and caused ICS and Sygate not to work...there were also some software problems as well. Spent 3 hours on the phone with Microsoft and they still could not figure it out.....So after doing some thinking and seeing the problem was the server...I went to the office and got one of the nic cards out of one of my machines and low and behold everything went to working....That's life....Called 3com to talk to them about the problem and was informed I needed to get another brand of nic...oh well

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