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Hardware Problems with DFE-530tx?
forsakenadmin Aug-20-01 04:06 PM
Well, I have followed all of the how-tos here on the site. I had a peer-to-peer connection between my Windows 98se computer and another Win 95 computer. I had installed the ICS Gateway, and all was working VERY well. Then, one day, I shut down (normal shutdown) both computers. When I tried to relog and reconnect, the Win 98se computer had developed some sort of conflict at address 00:50:BA:53:A4:2B (Whatever the heck that means). Now, the DIAG program for the DFE-530tx claims that no LAN board is installed. Under the 'Drivers' section of my System Settings, it DOES show a driver for it, no (!) by it, but it does say under 'Performance' that NO PC Card sockets are installed?!

So, what happened, and any idea how to fix it???
Thank you in advance for your help!

1. RE: Hardware Problems with DFE-530tx?
lbyard Aug-20-01 05:45 PM
In response to message 0
00:50:BA:53:A4:2B is most likely the Media Access Controller (MAC) address of the Ethernet card. It is “burned/hardwired” into the card itself and is a permanent part of the card. Each and every Ethernet card in the world has a unique MAC address. Try reseating the board. The board is not going to work if the diagnostics cannot find it. Try another PCI slot. If you do, be sure that there is only one instance of the driver installed. Larry

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