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Networking and Internet Sharing on Win 98
wp202 Aug-13-01 03:28 PM
I have 2 PC's running win 98, both were sharing internet via a Lynksis 4 port router, but neither could see each other on the network. I added NetBeui (sic) protocol. Now the PC's can see each other, share printing and files, but one of them can't access the net anymore. When i go into the router maintenance page, i see both machines on the DHCP client table. Also tried adding ipx/spx (all 3 protocols are on the machine which can get internet), didn't make any difference. Also, the networking is fluky, keeps telling me the other machine isn't there, 2 seconds later that my password is wrong, then will work (not necessarily in that order). Tried reinstalling IE & outlook express, to no avail.

2. RE: Networking and Internet Sharing on Win 98
lbyard Aug-13-01 03:49 PM
In response to message 0
IPX/SPCX is not required unless you have games or application thats require the protocol. Installation of NetBEUI and SPX/IPX should not have any impact on the operation of TCP/IP and the Internet. NetBEUI (or SPX/IPX—you don’t need both) may help with file and printer sharing on the local network. Reinstalling IE and Outlook should not a make a difference in solving the Internet problem, as you have discovered. I would start troubleshooting at the lowest level. Check the Link LEDs on the network adapters on both machines and on the router. If they are not solid all of the time, you have an adapter or cable problem, most likely the later. Be sure are RJ-45 plugs on the network cables are fully seated. Try swapping cables. Ping the router’s IP address by opening a DOS Window in Windows…
C:\>ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
…where the x’s = whatever the router IP address is.
If that responds, browse to…
If that works, you have a DNS configuration problem. See our Networking and Internet Sharing FAQs for more suggestions. Please come back if you need more help. Larry

3. RE: Networking and Internet Sharing on Win 98
wp202 Aug-13-01 04:27 PM
In response to message 2
Thanks, will try.


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