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Problem with network gaming
Pete Aug-11-01 06:57 PM
I recently networked 2 of my computers (both Win98se) and everything pretty much works except when i try to play network games. When i play through ip it works but i think there is a problem with the ipx games on one computer.
When i run the game from this computer it says "found one player", but on the other one it just keeps looking.
Any help is appreciated

1. RE: Problem with network gaming
lbyard Aug-12-01 03:06 PM
In response to message 0
In Start, Settings, Control Panel, Network, IPX/SPX compatible protocol bound to the network adapter, Properties, Advanced, be sure both computers are on the same network and use the same frame type instead of Auto. The game may require a specific Ethernet frame type. Do not install the client for Novell networks unless the application/game specifically requires it or you have to connect to a Novell file server. Larry

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