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Pulling Cable and Trenches
lbyard Jun-16-00 11:50 AM
1. Check with utilities before digging.
2. Be sure the contractor is bonded. Checkout references. Get a contract in writing.
3. Dig deep. Get below the frost line.
4. Look up as well as down (tree limbs and power lines)
5. Use the next larger pipe.
6. Bury more than one pipe if feasible.
7. Keep rocks off pipes; surround with sand.
8. Pull more than one wire (spares).
9. Always pull a string (a tough one) with wire.
10. Do not the stretch wire. Besides breaking it that could change itís electrical characterizes.
11. Do not pull wire off the end of spool. Use a broom handle.
12. Watch the spool. Sometimes wire will be spliced with tape somewhere on the reel.
13. Seal the hole on both sides of a basement wall.
14. Leave plenty of slack.

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