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One question about hubs and switches
jebrighton Aug-03-01 03:41 PM
I know that switches broadcast to a specific address and hubs broadcast to mulitiple. My senario is this. A switch is connected to a hub. That switch is also connected to other switches. Question is this. When the hub broadcasts, does it broadcast to JUST the local users of the hub or back through the other switches. I can replace the hub easily with another switch is this will cause a network congestion problem.

1. RE: One question about hubs and switches
lbyard Aug-06-01 03:02 PM
In response to message 0
I donít think that is a problem, but have not specifically investigated it with an experiment. The hub should just send packets to its network segment. That would include the port on the switch to which it is connected. However, I think the switch will not forward (switch) a packet unless it is addressed to a box connected to another port on the switch. Could you watch the Activity LEDs and let us know if this is correct? Larry

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