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ICS WinME host Win98 client
RobotFan Aug-01-01 00:06 AM
Ok, I've got my two computer TCP/IP WinME to Win98 network up and running. I'm trying to ICS working now. I've set up my WinME Laptop (WML) as the host. I've got the TCP/IP for the network card setup with the IP as I've got ICS installed, and it appears to be correct. I've got the other computer set up with TCP/IP-> Realtek Ethernet IP addy as and a gateway of BUT not matter what I try (I've tried lots of things) I can't get the 98 SE machine to detect the connection. BTW I've also got two dialups on the 98 machine. What can I do?

1. RE: ICS WinME host Win98 client
lbyard Aug-01-01 03:08 PM
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If you are going to use static IP addresses you will probably have a problem with the ICS DHCP server interfering with I would first try to get it working with the client set to obtain its IP automatically. You may also have client Domain Name Service (DNS) server problems when using a static IP. Larry

Q. How do I configure my ICS client computer so it will connect to a web server on the Internet? The ICS host computer connects OK, the TCP/IP protocol is setup correctly on both computers, and the local network works fine. I get a "cannot find server" error message whenever I try to connect to any web site from the client.
A. Open a DOS window in Windows and type ping 192.168.01...
C:\>ping 192.168.01
If you get a response (no time out), the local network is working OK with the TCP/IP protocol between the ICS client and the ICS host. Try:
If you get a response, the ICS client just made a connection to a host on the Internet. Do the following...
Start, Run, enter winipcfg on the ICS host. Click More Info. Record the DNS Serverís IP address. This is the primary DNS server. Most Internet Service Providers have two DNS servers. Click the button with Ö on it to obtain the IP address of the secondary DNS server and record it. Close winipcfg. Go to the ICS client. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel, Network, highlight the instance of TCP/IP bound to (associated with) the network adapter connecting the client to the host computer, Properties, DNS Configuration tab, select enable DNS, enter the primary DNS serverís IP address in the box below DNS DNS Server Search Order, and click Add. Repeat for the secondary DNS server. Click OK and restart Windows when prompted. No see if you can browse the above IP address by name; i.e., http://duxcw.com/. That name was sent to one of the DNS servers which looked it up and sent back the corresponding IP address.
Q. Is there an easy way to reconfigure ICS after it is installed?
A. Allan McComb's ICSconfig is an easy to use utility for configuring Windows 98 SE/Me Internet Connection Sharing (ICS):
∑ Change the IP address and subnet mask
∑ Enable/disable the DHCP server
∑ Change the DHCP IP address scope
∑ Enable/disable DNS
∑ Map IP Addresses for servers, etc. behind ICS
∑ Punch Ports for games, etc. through ICS
∑ Tweak registry settings
You can download it at http://lynx.dac.neu.edu/a/amccombs/. Read the readMe.txt link/file for instructions. See Screen Shots for examples

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