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How important is Logging in?
jebrighton Jul-20-01 02:11 PM
Some PCs on a small peer network log in and others do not. Doesn't it all depend of whether you keyed in a password earlier or not? I admit some problems with this network since one user comes and goes off network neighbor and I know she does not log in. But, I don't either and I am always on. Could this possibly be causing my problem?

system consists of W98se PCs using tcp/ip.

1. RE: How important is Logging in?
lbyard Jul-20-01 07:01 PM
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One must login to network in a Microsoft network. It is possible to go into Windows without logging on; just press the cancel key. Larry

2. RE: How important is Logging in?
Scott_22 Jul-21-01 03:13 AM
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BTW about passwords--this took me 2 days to figure out after putting together my first network--2 pc's using sygate,win 98 1st ed. and a crossover cable.
At bootup, even though I dont have a password on either pc, for the network to work I have to click ok--not the X in upper right corner--on both pc's., when the pass word box appears.

3. RE: How important is Logging in?
sparkplug Jul-21-01 01:35 PM
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I just hit the enter key when the password window appears. The trick is to never enter a password to begin with.


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