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Sharing ADSL with Cisco 678 Router & two Win2K machines?
PaulH Jul-17-01 03:29 AM
I'm thinking of sharing my DSL connection between two Win2K machines and would like to avoid my usual trial and error approach.8-)

My DSL connection uses an external Cisco 678 router; Cisco's manual says that the Ethernet jack can either go to a single PC with an Ethernet card via a crossover cable (current configuration) OR it can go to a hub via a straight-thru cable and thence to the LAN.

Leaving aside LAN configuration issues, is this hardware configuration going to work? Basically I'd connect the 678 to the hub's Ethernet input port (sorry, my nomenclature's weak) and the computers' Ethernet cards to the hub, all using straight-thru cables.

It seems like this would work--Cisco says that's what to do, and the ISP says so as well. Both specify that I just need a hub and the requisite cables. It sounds a little too easy, but if I've got this right, the Cisco 678 plus the hub is analogous to the SMC Barricade that you've spoken of in your various guides.

Any thoughts, other than that I could stand to be a little more succinct? 8-)



1. RE: Sharing ADSL with Cisco 678 Router & two Win2K machines?
lbyard Jul-17-01 04:12 PM
In response to message 0
Now you have three votes. I have done, I believe, essentially the same thing by connecting an Ethernet switch to my Barricade to handle additional PCs beyond the four that the barricade can support. I have not configured that router, so there may be some work to be done there. Larry


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