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E-mail, @Home Network Problem
Scott_22 Jul-10-01 10:39 PM

Last Nov., 2000 I got my 2 pc networks internet and Outlook Express 5 working so my e-mail would only go to my pc -- the host and my wifes e-mail went to her pc only. I searched on this board last Nov. and found info. and printed it out and made notes of what all my settings where on both pc's. As of 2 weeks ago, client pc
gets error message conecting to server has failed. Internet explorer, printer and drive sharing works fine. (On client pc)

I've gone through all my notes and all setting are the same as they were--working for over 7 monthes. I'm using Sygate on both pc's with a crossover cable. As well as Windows 98 1st Edition, and Outlook Express 5 on both.

I hoping someone has a easy solution,

Thank, Scott

BTW Larry, I read the About Dux last week after visiting your site since Oct. And I'm impressed with your do it your self abilities. And thats coming from a construction worker with 15 years in the trades (union). And yes, I would have done a few things different but you did above average for a do it your selfer -- or i supose above--above average. Have a good day.

1. RE: E-mail, @Home Network Problem
lbyard Jul-11-01 04:53 AM
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The same thing happened to me recently. My service provider changed the names of his incoming (POP3) and outgoing (SMTP) mail servers. I changed them on my computer, but my Son couldn't get at his mail for a couple of weeks until he brought it to my attention. I donít suppose your problem is that simple, but I would check those settings first. Larry

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