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modem connection speed
Robert4390 Nov-16-00 03:17 AM
Awhile back, my Zoom 56k serial modem was damaged by lightning. It always connected at 57,600, even on Aol! I bought a Diamond Supra Express usb modem. It does not connect beyond 32,800 at any time. To complicate things, at the same time there was some problems with the local phone access line that my isp uses. The isp provider says it is the phone company's fault. Larry, have you had any experience using the Diamond modems. All I'm trying to find out is, if I need to get another modem. I don't care what they say about not being able to connect at 56k, there is quite a difference between that and 32,800, and I am experiencing it!

1. RE: modem connection speed
lbyard Nov-16-00 05:23 PM
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First, a 56K MODEM cannot actually connect at 57,600. It is illegal. According to FCC rules, a 56K MODEM cannot connect faster than about 53K and most will connect at around 49K or lower, depending on the quality of the phone lines and the distance to telephone companyís switch. The difference in speed is being caused by the MODEM not going digital and 33.6 is as fast it can go analog. In my experience, this is usually caused by an incompatibility between your MODEM and the ISPís MODEMs or the Windows MODEM configuration, but can be caused by poor line conditions and/or distances from the telephone switch that are greater than four miles. A while back the main cause was that there were two 56K MODEM standards: K56Flex and X2. Now, THE standard is V.90. If your MODEM is a V.90 and your ISPs MODEMs are V.90, you should be able connect digitally if line conditions permit. However, I saw some performance gains when ISPs first switched-over to V.90 and did some tweaking with the MODEMs. And I have seen poor performance in the case of one ISP where the wiring at his location was not done correctly. Do you have the maximum MODEM speed set for 110K in the Windows MODEM properties (Iím not sure this applies to your USB MODEM)? Do you hear noise on the phone line with a telephone? Call your phone company if you do. In general I have had good luck with Diamond. Larry

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