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Spontaneus Resetting
avalnche69 Nov-14-00 02:34 AM
Hello again. I'm running W2K pro and i have another problem. My computer always resets itself. I get a quick blue screen of death saying it had a physical memmory dump. Whats that? That doesnt always happen either. Sometimes it just does it with no message. Could it have to do with my Live chassis (see previous post)?? Thanks again for the help.

1. RE: Spontaneus Resetting
lbyard Nov-14-00 10:51 AM
In response to message 0
Yes. Check all of your ground connections in the computer. Tighten the screws securing the motherboard. It could be the power supply, but it may be external to the computer. A long time ago we had a problem like this one. We tried everything and replaced nearly everything. Finally we replaced the case. That fixed the problem, which is still a mystery to be me. In older wiring some electricians will wire the ground connection to the neutral wire in a three-prong socket, a bad practice and one that may produce mild shocks. Larry

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