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CD-ROM installation + Fan Failure
Anagarika Nov-03-00 03:12 AM
Hi.. I have my cd rom in place and there are two things going into it correctly.. My brother unplugs the smaller cord which is 4x1 and gray on my comp.. I was wondering where the other end goes? Motherboard (where?), Sound card, video card?

Also, recently ive been having to push my fan a couple times before it starts spinning at all, im wondering if the only solution is just to replace it or if there might be some way to clean it..

Sorry I am so dumb when it comes to computers..

Thank you all for your time who respond


1. RE: CD-ROM installation + Fan Failure
lbyard Nov-03-00 10:16 AM
In response to message 0
I think you are trying to describe the audio cable, which goes from the left side of the CD-ROM, when looking at the back of the drive, to the sound card or motherboard, if the motherboard has the sound function built-in. All of this should be described in the literature that came with the drive and the sound card, etc.. If no literature came with the drive, visit the manufactureís web site.

What fan? The one on the CPU or the one in the power supply. If itís the CPU, replace it. If itís the one in the power supply, replace the power supply. Larry

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