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mike Oct-31-00 11:14 AM
when you say shared bandwidth on a LAN, does it mean that if your LAN speed is 10mbps and you have 5 computers, you only have 2mbps speed per computer?. and how about shared internet access, is the bandwidth divided by the number of users also?

thanks & best regards,

lbyard Oct-31-00 01:53 PM
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The answer to both questions is usually no. First, in a simple network, you would have to assume that all of the computers are equally powerfull and all of them are sending a steady stream of data at the same time and that these streams are being equally divided amongst the destinations. Second, you would have to assume that the network always divides the bandwidth equally. All are not the usual case. Finally, there are different kinds of networks. For instance a network could be connected together with a switch or hub or combinations of both. The performance and characteristics of hubs and switches (see http://duxcw.com/faq/network/hubsw.htm) are different. A packet-switched network is very complex and performance at any one time is not usually predictable by simply dividing-up the bandwidth. Larry

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