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Web Site Search Engines
lbyard Sep-19-00 01:50 AM
This has been uneventful day, unless... you looked hard at the Digest pages and noticed we have installed a Site Search Engine (try the quick search on home page or a more advanced version at http://duxcw.com/search/index.html).
The Forum search function is a different animal--part of the Forum software. Give it a spin, OK? I didn't realize I had so many pages on this site... Finding the right search engine (ht://dig: http://www.htdig.org/), and installing and customizing it was no easy project. If anyone shows interest (via our Forums--before I forget what I did), I may write an article on our quest for a search engine and its installation: "In Search of a Search..."

I thought I would start a thread on this subject and go fish'n for interest.. Larry

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