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zuleika Aug-24-00 01:15 PM
I have been trying to find out what PCI means....with no result so far !! asked two or three computer repair guys, they didn't know either ! it seems to turn up quite often which makes it even more annoying. How about a basic computer terms glossary on this site ......that would be a good addition.
Dean. ( New Zealand)

1. RE: jargon
lbyard Aug-24-00 02:05 PM
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Dean, Those computer repair guys are not computer repair guys. I agree on the glossary... Go to http://www.google.com/ and type PCI Bus Standard.
I was in Auckland for Naval exercises in 1969. Wonderful people and place. Larry

2. RE: jargon
BrownDeath Aug-25-00 10:43 PM
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I believe PCI = Peripheral Connection Interface

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