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Video card causing freeze-ups
zuleika Aug-23-00 11:30 AM
I have recently installed an N.VIDIA RIVA TNT2 M.64 video card ( 32 meg )
the mother board I 'm using is an ASUS P5A-B with an AMD K6 processor (266mhz)
All is well when running computer games, but the machine freezes frequently when using Windows,and just simple routine tasks as a computer !
Also bizarre things happen to the Windows graphics,like everything the mouse cursor passes over turns to black sillhouette !
Any ideas ??

1. RE: Video card causing freeze-ups
lbyard Aug-23-00 06:03 PM
In response to message 0
According to Asus, "It is due to the compatibility problem between Riva TNT chipset and ALi chipset. Please disable "AGP bus Turbo mode" under Chipset Feature Setup to fix this problem." Larry

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