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frontpage counter
monkey Jul-23-00 02:48 AM
another question.
I have got rid of all the fancy stuff and my page is nearly finished, but i have one more problem. When i insert a frontpage 200 counter it comes up with "" but it stays like that even when it has been uploaded onto the web.
thanks again.

1. RE: frontpage counter
lbyard Jul-23-00 01:14 PM
In response to message 0
The FP counter is a "Browse Time" component and will not work until it is published to an HTTP server with FrontPage server extensions installed and will not work on a disk-based web. If your remote web is UNIX-based, I would suggest using count.cgi instead. I think it is better. However, I don't like putting counters on my pages at all. It is just one more thing to slow the pages down and may affect the search engines. Instead of hit counters, may I suggest that you be patient and wait for the Statistics generated the remote server. My hosting service makes these statistics available for downloading daily. If your ISP does not do that, I would suggest finding a new one. As a parting note, my I add that a hit counter will show much progress for quite a long time. That is, hits won't start happening until you "earn" them. Instead of spending hours watching hits accumulate (and waiting for that magic bullet to happen, which probably won’t happen), you will be much better off putting that time to work building quality content. If you do that, the hits will follow in due course. Larry

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