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unwanted loading at start up
darrenpatton Feb-23-00 04:03 AM
I from time to time have installed programs that load themselves at start up. When I try to stop the autoloading I first look in the start button/programs/start up folder, if there is nothing there I look in the system files; win.ini, system.ini, autoexec.bat, etc. If I still don't find out how it starts I can only imagine that it starts from the registry. Could that be true? I don't know where to look in the registry to edit it. I did however recently and with help from your article, edit the registry to look for Windows files on my hard drive. Will you give me some tips or a link to a reference on how to edit the registry to stop programs from loading at start up (if that is what is happening)?

1. RE: unwanted loading at start up
lbyard Feb-23-00 02:17 PM
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If you have windows 98 click Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Information, Tools, System configuration Utility, Startup. If not, run regedit, then go to:
My computer
+ Software
+ Microsoft
+ Windows
+ CurrentVersion
+ Run
And delete entries for undesired programs. LoadPowerProfile, ScnaRegistry, SystemTray, and TaskMonitor should normally be left alone. You should be sure you have a backup of the registry before editing it. This can be done while in System Tools with Toools, Registry Checker, among other ways. Larry

2. try this
robert03 Sep-29-00 02:00 AM
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go to start >>>run >>> then type
then go to the startup tab and uncheck all the programs that u dont want to run.
this should to the trick

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