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frontpage hyperlink
monkey Jul-08-00 12:01 PM
when you select text as a hyperlink is it posible to have it NOT underlined?

1. RE: frontpage hyperlink
lbyard Jul-08-00 03:47 PM
In response to message 0
Yes, there are at least three ways to do it. The first is with an image map like my menu to the left. The menu itself is an image that I made with Corel PhotoPaint. The links were made with FrontPage 2000. In FrontPage 2000 click Help, Contents, Designing Web Pages, Add Graphics, Image Maps for instructions. My menu is a 1 KByte .gif file. It takes some tinkering to get it that small. The reason I use an image map is the blue background, to which I am partial. If I were to use text links the default blue color of the link text would make them very hard to see. I have tried to use other colors for text links, but found I had compatibility problems with some browsers. I have heard that some search engines have problems following image map links so you will see a second text menu along the bottom of most of my pages. The left menu and logo on pages other than the Forum, where it is in a frame, are done with an include page so I can change the menu on many pages by simply changing the include page. The pages consist of large tables with two columns. The menu and logo are obviously in the left column. The menu along the bottom is done with a shared boarder, but could be done with an include page. I do not use a shared boarder for the left menu, because, with a shared boarder, the text to the left of it moves when the window is resized. Neither of these capabilities requires FP server extensions on the web server.

Now look at my Products page. It originally did not have underlined hyperlinks in the left menu, which is done in text. I later made them underlined hyperlinks because I found there were compatibility problems (minor ones), the procedure is not simple, and I believe I recall there were problems doing it in include pages. See Microsoft Knowledgebase article Q240972 at http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q240/9/72.ASP?LN=EN-US&SD=gn&FR=0 for instructions. I wouldn’t bother; you will get used to the underlines. If you want hits, spend more time on content instead of bells and whistles. Larry

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