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frontpage 2000 problems
monkey Jul-05-00 10:37 AM
I making my first web page with frontpage but i get the following errors.
1. if i try to open one of my html pages i get an error, file not found, "check path and file name are correct and that all required libraries are available." but the page still opens in IE5 and works ok so i just close the warning down.
2. if i open the same pages in Opera 4.0 beta 6, it starts up, but my rollover jpegs wont work they just disapear on mouseover. ????? can anyone help me. what have i done wrong......

1. RE: frontpage 2000 problems
lbyard Jul-05-00 02:09 PM
In response to message 0
LAST EDITED ON Jul-05-00 AT 02:09 PM (GMT)

I have not seen the first problem. With the limited info provided, it appears to be a bad install of FP. However, recalculating hyperlinks might fix the problem.

At one time I had rollovers on just about every page of my site until I discovered Netscape 3x compatibility problems and realized how much overhead they involved. Those scripts are not small and they slow-down pages. I removed all of them on my site—a lot of work. I stay away from fancy stuff and strive for a reasonable compromise between attractive appearance and simplicity, compatibility, logical navigation, and fast load times. People are looking for quality content, ease of navigation, and site responsiveness, and not so much for fancy gizmos. Those rollovers (Java scripts, DHTML, etc.) will not increase hits; they will probably reduce them. See Advertising for proof of concept. Larry

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