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deerslayer Jun-26-00 03:28 PM
I am seriously concidering going back to school and getting MCSE + Internet. The local community college is offering it. After making some inquiries, the person running the program recommended I take the a+ certification first. This is not my field of employment , but i have built several pc's, repaired, troubleshooted countless friends pc's, lots of upgrades and have a 3 pc home network.
Do you really think it is worth the extra 1500.00 to get the a+ cert. considering i have quite a bit of hands on experience and want to be a network administrator not a pc tech? any input would be appreciated.



palerider70 Sep-14-00 00:53 AM
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Both myself and another student are in the A class at this time. We agree that it is well worth taking the A before the MCSE. You will not regret it. There is so much information we are learning now that gives a solid base to build on. Good luck in whatever you decide.

lbyard Sep-14-00 06:39 AM
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No. Although you may learn some very useful stuff, itís too much money for what is mostly a certificate. That is, I think A+ certification is big rip-off and the certification is an inadequate measure of knowledge. I am not A+ certified and never will be. In my considered opinion, A+ certification does not properly prepare a person to be a technician and I would not hire a person whose only formal background or measure of technical knowledge includes just that level of expertise. In the past, I required a two-year technical college education or the military equivalent. Some can do it with a quality correspondence course. I did it with six months of Navy Class A Electronics Tech school (thatís real A+ Cert) and CREI (that was before I spent four years at North Carolina State and 2 plus years in grad school). Without the theory (AC/DC theory, logic, processors, plus lab work, etc., etc.) taught at that level of education, a person just does not know enough to be a first-rate technician. I have been a technician, electronics and computers, for forty years. Back in the old days we had some darn good technicians. None of them were A+ certified. A+ Certification... Sounds like a used car in a lot with a sign in the window and lots of wax on it. The MCSE + Internet might be worth doing for what you might learn. I am sure these comments will not sit well with some readers, but you asked for my opinion and you got it. Larry

BBATES Nov-19-00 03:52 AM
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I agree with Larry. I am taking my last elective for my MCSE right now, and with the knowledge you have right now I don't see where the A+ would help you much. MCSE is mainly for networking and has very little to do with the rebuilding or repair of the computers. Knowing what a repeater or a router looks like will deffinatly help, but is certainly not required. The MCSE program grooms you to be a network administrator or designer. If you have internal hardware problems or cable problems they give you the knowledge to detect them and troubleshoot, but the expect you to call a repair tech. to fix them.

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