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Warning Alarm - What is it????
hemicuda Jun-08-00 00:59 AM
This is probably a really stupid question, so please forgive me, but....
I have the following equipment:
EP-58MVP3C-M Motherboard. Bios is 4.51PG 6/29/1998. Apollo VP3 AGP/PCISet. 64
Meg of ram. AMD6(tm) 233 CPU. 13.6Gig Maxtor Hard Drive.
Every few minutes this annoying 2 tone alarm goes off and goes through 50 or so cycles, then stops, then repeats a few minutes later, over and over again. I'm pulling my hair out!!!! What is it?? Is it a low battery or what? What do I do??
Please help!!

1. RE: Warning Alarm - What is it????
diletante Jun-08-00 12:55 PM
In response to message 0
You could look at your Bios and check the processor and system temperature. That would be my first concern. The information on your motherboard and Bios should give you some information about recognizing the alarm, and it will also tell you about the system monitoring capabilities of the mobo and Bios. If you have a heat problem, you should stop using the system and do something about it. Little fans can die quietly and dust can cause problems too. Good luck.

2. RE: Warning Alarm - What is it????
hemicuda Jun-09-00 04:03 AM
In response to message 1
You were absolutely right. I went into the bios and the temperature of the CPU had exceeded the temperature of the Warning Temp. I raised the Warning Temp to 70 degrees and all seems to be working fine. Just a couple of more questions if you don't mind. Both fans seem to be working fine, but the rpm level in the bios of both fans is zero. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not. Any ideas? Also, do you think that 70 degrees is too high of a setting.
Again, thanks for your help,

3. RE: Warning Alarm - What is it????
diletante Jun-09-00 01:24 PM
In response to message 2
70 C is too hot, I think. Check your system temp too, so you will know if you have a general heat problem. The Bios doesn't report the fan RPM unless that feature is supported by the motherboard and the fan draws its power from the motherboard.

I assume the machine was working for some time and this problem surfaced. Here are some things to check or try.

- Clean up the dust. Dust bunnies can block vent holes in the case and reduce the efficiency of the heatsinks and fans. You can buy cans of "air", at Radio Shack and many other places, and blow off the dust. Open the case to do this, and go outdoors. Try to blow the dust away from things like disk drives and not into them. Be sure to blow out the power supply.

- Make sure the cpu fan is clear. Things like flat cables can block air flow.

- If you have extras in the box, like hard drives or a hot video board, you may need some extra cooling or you might get away with rearranging things so the processor doesn't get so much heat. Extra cooling would be my choice. There are lots of good cpu fans and heatsinks available, and you can also add extra ventilating fans to your case.

Hope this also helps. I will be interested to hear what your solution is.

4. RE: Warning Alarm - What is it????
lbyard Jun-09-00 03:06 PM
In response to message 3
70 degrees C. is the maximum case (the metal case housing the processor, not the computer case) temperature allowed for that processor. I would certainly set the alarm well below that value (60 degrees C.). There is something wrong with the cooler or the temperature sensor/circuit. The thermister is in the center of the socket and is blue). I would stop using the system until the problem is fixed. Remove the CPU heat-sink fan and be sure the CPU and heat sink surfaces are clean. If the heat sink has a thermo pad on the bottom, be sure the protective plastic, which may still be stuck on it, is removed. Make sure the heat sink is properly centered on the CPU and clamped to the socket 7. Thermo grease is recommended by AMD, but I don't use it for K6-2's. See http://duxcw.com/digest/Reviews/cpufan/socket7/vantec.htm. Larry

5. RE: Warning Alarm - What is it????
hemicuda Jun-13-00 01:00 AM
In response to message 4
Hello Diletante and Larry!
Thanks for the great advice. I really appreciate the prompt response. Anyway, I finally took my toro blower, stood back 5 feet from the opened "box" and let her rip. I didn't see anything blow out, but whatever happened the computer seems to stay at 59 degrees C right now, so that alarm thing seems to be under control right now. You guys were right. Something was trapped where it shouldn't have been.

6. RE: Warning Alarm - What is it????
diletante Jun-13-00 02:58 AM
In response to message 5
Toro leaf blower?! Sounds like a Tim-the-Toolman Taylor solution. Well, I'm glad it is working. 59 is still pretty hot. Sounds like your cooling is marginal, and coolers are cheap. You can get a good heatsink/fan combination that will work nicely and should be reasonably easy to install. (But please, no power tools.)

7. RE: Warning Alarm - What is it????
diletante Jun-13-00 12:55 PM
In response to message 6
It's morning. I thnk so much better in the morning. A few things I should have said last night:
Reread Larry's post and have a good look at the condition of the CPU fan and heatsink. If blowing it out helped, it was at least dirty.
Also, when a CPU is running hot, it may slow down to reduce heat generation - this is a feature. I don't remember the details, but poor performance and lock-ups result. If it gets really hot, there will be lots of blue screen crashes or worse. You really don't want to run a hot CPU.
You didn't say what the case temperature was. If the whole box is hot, you should consider adding some case cooling. Search for "coolers" on the web and look at overclocker web sites for links.
If your case is on the floor and it is filling up with dust, put it up on a block of wood or some bricks or something to get it off the floor so it won't suck up so much junk.

8. RE: Warning Alarm - What is it????
lbyard Jun-13-00 02:21 PM
In response to message 7
Be careful when blowing-out fans with canned, compressed air. The air is very very cold. If the fan is turning, the resulting thermal contraction can cause the bearing to seize and ruin the fan. Larry

9. RE: Warning Alarm - What is it????
lbyard Jun-13-00 03:22 PM
In response to message 0
LAST EDITED ON Jun-13-00 AT 03:33 PM (GMT)

Ok, let’s take a poll…

My computer:

500 Mhz K6-2
Stock AMD CPU fan with thermo grease
EpoX MVP3G2 ATX motherboard
128 MB PC133 memory
WD 36400 6.4 Gig HD
Actima A44T 44X CD-ROM Drive (laying on top of 5 1/4" bays)
Diamond Viper V770 w/32 MB
2 network, 56K modem, SCSI
AOpen HX95 desktop case with AOpen 250 Watt PS
System cooling: none, but infinite (the cover is removed from the case)


Ambient 22.7C/73F
System 30C/86F
CPU 34C/91F

Status: rock-solid; blue screens, etc. are very rare.

Larry (Cool Dude)

10. RE: Warning Alarm - What is it????
diletante Jun-14-00 02:48 AM
In response to message 9
System 1

Asus P5A
128 MB RAM
2 hard drives
1 floppy
100MB Zip drive
Supra Express 56i modem
Realtek PCI NIC
Creative SB 16 sound
Creative 3D Voodoo2
ATI Xpert graphics adapter

Ambient 23C
Case 29C

System 2

Epox MVP3C2
64 MB Ram
2 hard drives
2 floppies
Creative SB PCI128 sound
RAGE IIc AGP graphics adapter
Ether SN2000 NIC
USR 56k Voice modem

Ambient 23C
Case 27C
This one has only been on less than an hour.


11. RE: Warning Alarm - What is it????
diletante Jun-14-00 02:55 AM
In response to message 10
I let System 2 warm up some more and got:
Case 32C


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