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AOpen fm56-itu/2 Modem connection speed
Shar Jun-02-00 02:33 PM
I'm enjoying my new modem except for the fact that my connection speed never tops over 26,000 bps. I know that in certain areas this could be due to line noise , etc. But I used to be able to get a 44,000bps with my old modem and once or twice could get that with this new modem. Are there any strings to put in the "extra settings" that might help me get a faster connection?

1. RE: AOpen fm56-itu/2 Modem connection speed
lbyard Jun-02-00 03:44 PM
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Shar, You may not have the correct MODEM driver and COM port drivers installed. I would completely uninstall the MODEM and the COM port to which the MODEM is set and reinstall, making sure to use the AOpen driver instead of a Windows Standard MODEM (use "Have Disk" if Windows tries to install a Standard MODEM). If your old MODEM ran at 44 KBS, and you are still in the same location, the AOpen MODEM should go at least that fast. If not, send it back to whence it came. I have had very good luck with the FM56-ITU series. I would rate it the best MODEM I've ever sold. Larry

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