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AOpen FM56-ITU/2 modem setup
Shar May-04-00 02:31 PM
I had this modem installed for me, but I had to do a whole system restore on my computer and I don't know how to set this modem back up. I let windows "find" my modem and it installed it as a "standard" modem with windows drivers. I couldn't find my modem on the list of modems. It works just fine, but as a standard modem it doesn't tell me a true connection speed. When it was set up properly from the shop, the true connection speed was there. I tried putting in the CD that came with the modem, to install it properly, but didn't see how to do it. Could you walk me through how to install this modem properly. I don't want to take it back to the shop and that is what they requested. Thank you.

1. RE: AOpen FM56-ITU/2 modem setup
lbyard May-04-00 03:12 PM
In response to message 0
I don't have one of these MODEMs in the shop at present and a detailed How to article would take to long; but basically what you have to do is go into the Control Panel, click on MODEMs, remove the standard MODEM, add a new MODEM (you may have to reboot before doing this with some MODEMs), let Windows detect the MODEM, click Have Disk when it wants to install the Standard MODEM driver, Browse, and point Windows to the AOpen driver on the CD. Look for a Drivers directory (folder) on the CD. You may want to download the latest drivers from AOpen at http://www.aopenusa.com/tech/download/modem/default.htm. You may have to point Windows to the driver directory more than once. If Windows keeps saying it is unable to find a driver, keep trying. It's probably there somewhere. Try pointing it to c:\windows\system or c:\windows\inf if you canít find it elsewhere. The drivers may still be there from the previous install. When I install one of these MODEMs, I usually jumper it for COM2, IRQ3 and disable the COM2 port on the motherboard in the motherboard CMOS Setup (COM has IRQ 3). This will not work with all motherboards. Some motherboards (Packard Bells are notable examples) do not have well-behaved motherboard serial ports. That is, you can disable them and Windows will still detect them and they will cause IRQ conflicts with plug-in MODEMs. Make sure the Maximum Speed in the MODEM properties is set to 115200. You should run the MODEM Diagnostics to be sure it works; be sure to select the MODEMís COM port when doing it. You should right-click your dial-up connector in My Computer, Dial-up Networking and select Properties, and change the MODEM to the one you just installed. Please come back if you need more help or this helped you fix the problem. Larry

2. RE: AOpen FM56-ITU/2 modem setup
Shar May-04-00 09:19 PM
In response to message 1
It worked! Thanks Larry!! I was missing the part about telling windows which folder on the CD to find the driver. Silly me!
I found this forum from a search engine today and it is now in my favorites folder...you can be sure I'll be back to visit and post often. I've learned alot here already. I think it's wonderful that you take the time from working in your shop to help folks here who post. Thanks again. Shar

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