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FM56-H Modem
lcrawfor Apr-10-00 08:33 PM
I am trying to install a AOPen FM56-h modem on a win95 box. When I click on the diagnostics tab in modem properties it givesa an error message that it could not open port. Could someone please assist me in this matter.

1. RE: FM56-H Modem
lbyard Apr-10-00 08:59 PM
In response to message 0
Remove the MODEM in the Control Panel, MODEMs
In System, Device Manger remove all COM Ports
In the Control Panel have Windows Autodetect Hardware
Windows should detect and install the COM ports and MODEM drivers
If not, remove the MODEM and COM ports again
Unplug power
Pull the MODEM
Plug-in power
Boot and go into CMOS
Disable COM2:
Install MODEM
Power up and boot to Windows
Windows should detect and install the drivers.
Tell me what happened.

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