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freeze up
frog Mar-31-00 06:03 PM
I have never built a pc until now. This one is the amd 650 with 128 meg of ram and the western 27. hard drive with a diamond 770 ultra and mx 300 sound card and the ct 7165 decoder card.
When playing the wild metal country game that came with the ultra card it freezes up after a short time. This never happened until I was messing around trying to make some changes to get sound from my dvd driver which I still don't have.
I did get a message that I needed to free up more drive space but don"t know how.
Also how do you partition a hard drive that big.Thank you, Tom

1. RE: freeze up
lbyard Mar-31-00 06:19 PM
In response to message 0
Tom, http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/buildcom/athlon/ath_7.htm tells you How to, but you don't want to partition that 27 GB drive into one partition. If you do, plan on slow computer and going on vacation the next time you want to defrag the drive. I parted a WD 27 into two partitions for the How to Make Your Own Athlon Computer article. You will need Win 95 OSR2 or 98 with FAT32 to do that. Lower versions of Windows use FAT16 and only permit a maximum partition of 2 gigs. The first partition, drive C:, was 4 gigs. That should be big enough for most programs, My Documents, etc. Put the rest of the stuff on the other partition; put your game over there. Try emptying your recycled bin, clean-up c:\windows\temp, and delete your Browser temporary/cached files (NOT your favorites or bookmarks!). I am working on a more detailed article on hard disk drives and their installation. It should be finished shortly. Larr

2. RE: freeze up
frog Apr-06-00 02:19 AM
In response to message 1
When I try to load "Wild Metal Country", a game that came with the Viper 770 Ultra, it says that there is not enough space to install DirectX. Please free up some disk space.
This game requires DirectX. This game worked fine and then all of a sudden it started to freeze up. We took it to a repair shop and they have said that the card is not compatible with the motherboard (MSI 6167), chipset and VGA. They have recommended using the VooDoo 3000. They said that there are alot of problems with the MSI board. I am going to talk with them again tomorrow so I can give a little more info on this subject. Can you please tell me how you got your's to work so well. I followed your plans down to the letter and I have nothing but conflict after conflict. This has been one frustrating learning experience except I haven't learned anything yet.
Thank you.

4. RE: freeze up
lbyard Apr-06-00 01:29 PM
In response to message 2
LAST EDITED ON Apr-06-00 AT 01:38 PM (GMT)

Tom, I will state unequivalently that the advice you received is totally false. I have extensively tested the MSI MS6167 motherboard and 650 Mhz Athlon with both the Diamond V770 and V770 Ultra display adapters. The boards are very stable and were entirely compatible in the tests and benchmarks I ran. There are not 'a lot of problems with the MSI board.' I have had an MS6167 in my computer with a V770 running all kinds of software. An MS6167 with a V770 Ultra has been running in one of my customer's computers since October 1999. Here is what he stated about it in a message:

"The machine works great. No problems have occurred that haven't been due to my
own screwing around with the machine... Thanks for everything."

The articles on How to Build Your Own Athlon Computer, starting at http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/buildcom/athlon/ath_1.htm, state in detail how I got it to work--which was straight forward and without any significant problems. The computer I built for the article worked the first time. The benchmarks at http://duxcw.com/digest/Reviews/MBs/msi/ms6167/bench.htm were run many times without incident. I would find a shop with people who know what they are talking about. Larry

3. RE: freeze up
lbyard Apr-06-00 01:07 PM
In response to message 0
Tom, instructions for partitioning the drive are in Part 7 of How to Build Your Own Athlon Computer at http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/buildcom/athlon/ath_7.htm. Larry

5. RE: freeze up
frog Apr-06-00 08:23 PM
In response to message 3
Hi larry,
I tried several different things and nothing is working.
The last bit of information I got when I tried to reinstall the Wild metal country game was " mmsystem007" there is not enough memery available for this task. Quit one or more programs, then try again.Actually it called for direct x to run the game and that is when this message game up. I am showing 90% system space available , can't understand how I can be out of space.
Thank you again, Tom
Ps, this game preformed fantastic until I changed something trying to get the dvd to play sound.

6. RE: freeze up
frog Apr-06-00 08:27 PM
In response to message 5
One more question. Does the bios have to be flashed on a new board like this one. MSI6167

10. RE: freeze up
lbyard Apr-06-00 08:59 PM
In response to message 6
Not always. However, I always flash a new motherboard if the BIOS is not the most recent one. WARNING! If you muck-up the flash or there is a power outage during the flash, your motherboard may be placed into a state that it cannot be booted-up to fix the bad flash. When that happens you have to get a flash memory chip with the correct BIOS on it, buy or borrow a flash memory programmer to reprogam the existing chip, or send your board back to the manufacturer or to a repair shop with a flash memory burner to get it reflashed. Larry

9. RE: freeze up
lbyard Apr-06-00 08:46 PM
In response to message 5
How do you have the hard disk partitioned? Go to the Windows Explorer, Cick View, make sure Status Bar has a check mark next to it, and click on the C: drive. Look at the status bar at the bottom of the Windows Explorer. How much disk free space do have on C:? Larry

11. RE: freeze up
frog Apr-06-00 09:37 PM
In response to message 9
The status bar indicated there were 18 objects with 23 hidden. When I click on properties the pie comes up for disk space. Used space was 1.56 GB, free space 23.9GB.

12. RE: freeze up
lbyard Apr-07-00 00:22 AM
In response to message 11
Croak! That certianly is a lot of free disk drive space. Did you leave a floppy in the floppy drive? Try the game after removing it. I would redo the hard disk and partition it so you have a 4 gig C: drive. You might as well go on vacation the next time you defrag 27 gigs. Larry

13. RE: freeze up
frog Apr-07-00 03:10 AM
In response to message 12
Here I am again. I went to #7 and tried to do it again. This is what happened the first time I did the dfisk. It happened then and it happened again tonight. I get to the Create DOS Partition or Logical Dos Drive. Everything is fine until I press enter after Esc to return to FDISK Options. At that point it goes to:
Create Primary Dos Partition.
Current Fixed Drives
Partition Status Type Vol. Label MBytes
C:1 A PriDos 26106
System Usage
Fat 32 100 percent
At the bottom of the page it says Primary Dos Already Partitioned. When I try to delete the partition by selecting 3 (Delete) a warning comes up and at the bottom of that page it says Could not change partitions because the disk could not be locked. I was never able to get to the Creat Primary Dos partition. It looks to me that the whole disk is partitioned to one drive C:

14. RE: freeze up
lbyard Apr-07-00 12:54 PM
In response to message 13
Are you running fdisk from a DOS window in Windows? You have to boot directly to DOS. Use a bootable floppy, or startup disk (http://duxcw.com/digest/Fromshop/software/windows/startup/startup.htm) to boot the computer, boot to the Windows 98 CD (full version, not the upgrade;http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/buildcom/athlon/ath_8.htm), or press the F8 key right after the BIOS stuff appears on the screen and before Windows produces the Windows splash screen. If you still have the problem go to Western Digital's site (http://www.wdc.com/service/ftp/drives.html#dlgtools), download the Data Lifguard Tools, and use the Tools to write zeros to the hard disk. That will most assuredly get rid of any partitions/muck on the drive. Larry

15. RE: freeze up
lbyard Apr-07-00 12:59 PM
In response to message 13
Do not put the EZ driver on the hard disk. Make sure the BIOS is set to auto-detect the drive. Larry

16. RE: freeze up
frog Apr-07-00 03:34 PM
In response to message 15
Hi larry,
In you directions you say to make sure that the hard drive is is jumpered in the default position.
Could you please tell me what that would be in placement of the jumpers, the western digital site shows single..dual master...cable select...and dual slave.
which one would I use for default?
Thank you again

17. RE: freeze up
lbyard Apr-07-00 04:17 PM
In response to message 16
ATA/66 hard disks use chip select, but I left the jumper in the default position and it worked fine that way. You should have gotten an installation guide with the drive. It should have a picture of the jumper settings showing the default position. Just pull the jumper; that has the exact same affect (no affect) as putting the jumper in the default position. The default position is nothing more than a place to put the jumper on the drive so you will be able to find it if you want to jumper the drive in a way that it does have an affect--a jumper storage position, if you will... The ATA/66 cable is labeled. The motherboard or system end obviously goes to the motherboard. The hard disk should be at the very end of the other end, not connected to the middle connector. The other drives should be connected with a separate ATA/33 cable to the secondary IDE interface. I don't think the jumper is causing your problem. Incorrect cable installation might be. The computer is detecting the drive as a UDMA 66 drive and as the Primary Master, isn't it? Larry

18. RE: freeze up
frog Apr-10-00 04:08 PM
In response to message 17
Hi larry,
Still can;t figure this out. We can play games such as ultra pinball, I can use my Realflight simulator,but when it comes to the wild metal country and super bike game that came with the diamond ultra card things work for a few minutes and freeze up.
You had mentioned you had gotten a bad card from diamond, is there a chance this card is failing after a few moments of use with a game having a lot of graphics?
Thank you again,Tom

19. RE: freeze up
lbyard Apr-10-00 05:08 PM
In response to message 18
The board I got was absolutely dead. Send an E-Mail to Diamond at: customersupport@diamondmm.com. Larry

20. RE: freeze up
frog Apr-11-00 10:35 PM
In response to message 19
Hi again Larry.
I pulled the CT7160 decoder card out and this thing runs fine.
Any clue as what might have been happening?

21. RE: freeze up
lbyard Apr-12-00 01:30 PM
In response to message 20
You installed the Zoran Soft DVD? Larry

22. RE: freeze up
frog Apr-12-00 05:53 PM
In response to message 21
I followed your #11 instructions. You said not to install the Zoran Soft DVD and Internet Explorer 4.0. I installed the Creative Technologies CT7160 decoder card. I have tried several times to load this card since starting this project. It has never loaded.

23. RE: freeze up
lbyard Apr-12-00 08:06 PM
In response to message 22
I don't know what you mean by "load this card"? When I received the decoder for the computer I built for the article, they sent me the wrong driver floppy. I went back to my vendor and they sent me the correct one. I don't have the correct driver floppy anymore, but I still have the wrong one. It says "PC-DVD Encore" on it. I wonder if that happened to you as well. I would have included the above info in the article, but I thought my receiving the wrong floppy was a singular event. I believe the correct driver is at http://support.soundblaster.com/files/download.asp?OS=Win98&prod=pc_dvd, but I am not absolutely certain it is the correct one. Larry

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