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trumpetr Aug-08-02 09:32 AM
LAST EDITED ON Aug-08-02 AT 09:34 AM (EDT)
This is somewhat spilling over from one of the other forums but I think that Larry and I agree on this.

Everyone should try Google to find answers to the questions that they have. I'm consistantally amazed at the answers that I sometimes find. Thier newsgroup archive is AWSOME! If you have never played with newsgroups think of them just like these forums (before the www existed) on every available topic, with millions of posts of answers, flames, general sillyness, and the unfortunate nastyness of the net. If you have a question most likely someone else had a question and has posted it to a newsgroup. Sometimes you have to wade a little bit through everything to get to the right stuff, or seeing something there will spark your mind in a different direction that will lead you to an answer. http://groups.google.com

Also the regular Google search engine does a great job of pointing you towards relevant pages. I usually pull the best 3-4 keywords out of whatever question that I am having and post them to the query, then go through the first page or 2 of results, if nothing then I try to use what it gives me again to spark some different keywords to search on. Good keywords include Manufacturers, Specific Error Messages, Product Names/Model Numbers, etc. but not just "How do I network 2 computers?" (although I think if you do this search, This site, DUX, will end up in the top part of the results.

Basic Google help can be found at: http://www.google.com/help/

Also they do a pretty good job of translating pages that are in a foriegn language, just click on translate this page and it will lead you through the process.

As Larry implied in earlier post (way too early in the morning for Maine ). Google should be one of the first stops on the web for searching for answers, most likely right after the manufacturers sites, and even sometimes before

Everyone, Please don't take this as a "I don't want your questions here" type of post. I know that I as well as many others are more than happy to lend knowledge here (and you will see me asking as many questions as some, nor do I even remotely pretend to know anything about computers when you look at the whole big picture (Larry is a different story). Really I'm just suggesting a very valuable tool that is available amazingly for free.

I've also found a cool part for all the technogeeks here, it's basically Googles sandbox where you can try some of the new technologies that Google is working on: http://labs.google.com/


1. RE: Google
Zeno Aug-08-02 09:52 PM
In response to message 0
Right on, Matt! I couldn't function as a tech without Google. Most of the people I work for have absolutely no documentation of any kind. I use Google on a daily basis to find drivers, mobo diagrams. jumper settings, hard drive specs, BIOS versions, error messages and much more.

5. RE: Google
lbyard Aug-09-02 01:17 AM
In response to message 1
BTW, there are many tricks to using Google, and it is a lot more powerful then many people realize. For example, you want to know what a chip with HIP6301ACB on it in the vicinity of the Athlon socket on an Abit KX7-333R motherboard is/does… Simply enter HIP6601 in Google, and low and behold, you not only have a link to Intersel’s page on the HIP6301ACB Microprocessor CORE Voltage Regulator Multi-Phase Buck PWM Controller, you have the design info (circuits, etc.) that Abit probably used for the CPU DC-to-DC core voltage circuitry.

As long as we now have a thread on this subject here are some of the words I posted in another thread during the wee hours yesterday…

Google is the best search engine, bar none. Knowing how to use it is a prerequisite skill to being a technician. It’s hard to believe that we ran a computer shop without it. It is easy to believe the phone bills we used to have from calling tech support (when I couldn’t answer the hard ones), etc. They were enormous, and the cost of the time spent doing it was even more. Picture four techs and two software people and myself plus admin people operating without the Internet, if you can. That wasn’t very long ago… Larry

6. RE: Google
trumpetr Aug-09-02 05:44 PM
In response to message 5
Ok funny side note, I was just reinstalling win98 on an old machine i just picked up off the curb(got to love city's large trash days) and couldn't remember the win98 reg edit to do when copying the cabs to the HD. So off to Google I go, search "Copy Win98 Cab Hard Drive" and I'll give you one guess what site was first on the list.....If you can't guess, try the search yourself. Shows what a good resource the site it leads to is!


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