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connecting two hardrives
HickeyGa May-31-02 05:15 PM
LAST EDITED ON May-31-02 AT 05:20 PM (EST)
Kerry, what is invoved, both are same brand and enterchange easily, how do I make one a slave so I can swith between the two? OS is windowows 98 and cable fron one has matching connector at end and addition power plug

1. RE: connecting two hardrives
Twinhead Jun-01-02 04:09 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Jun-01-02 AT 04:12 PM (EST)
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If you want to connect two HDD's on one cable, there should be Jumpers set.
On IDE types, it is just one.
At the Master, set the jumper at the pins closest to the Datacable port.

With the Slave, set it at the two middle pins.

The pins closest to the power connector are for Cable Select.

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