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Use the Windows ME Defrag Utility on Windows 98 Systems for Quicker Defragmentation
radlite23 May-27-02 02:34 PM
"Some users report a significant reduction in the time it takes to defrag a drive with the substitution of the Windows ME defrag.exe. The algoritum used in the ME version, allows for defragging without ending all running tasks. Naturally, your results may vary."

This has worked so well on my "98" system that I just had to share it.
I actually downloaded the file along with instructions in a zippped file but I can't find it any anyware now, so I'll just tell you how it can be done.
The Windows ME "defrag.exe" file's version number is 4.90.3000,
and is about 209 kb in size.
1) If you have access to or know someone who has Windows ME, have them email you a copy of "defrag.exe" which is found in the "C:\Windows" folder.
2) Find your existing "defrag.exe" file in the same directory "C:\Windows".
3)Rename (Select > Right Click > Rename) your existing "defrag.exe" to "defragold.exe", or any name you prefer.
4) Finally, copy the new (ME) version of "defrag.exe" (No Quotes) into the "C:\Windows" folder.
That's it. Now just decide what you're going to do with all that extra time.

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