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Optical Mouse
rayconca May-27-02 12:28 PM
I am tired of cleaning my mouse ball and am
thinking of getting an optical mouse. Can
anyone explain how an optical mouse works?
Do you think they work better than a standard
mouse? Thanks. Ray.

1. RE: Optical Mouse
trumpetr May-27-02 02:49 PM
In response to message 0
This page tells all (also a great site for all those technogeeks that wonder about things)


Have the Logitech Mouseman wireless optical, and it works great!


2. RE: Optical Mouse
stevehenry1 Jun-02-02 11:10 PM
In response to message 1
i have gone to optical mice--i have a cat and it was driving me nuts trying to keep it clean. THEY WORK GREAT. i have been using cheap ones, they have been killed-probably by the cat(kitten). it doesn't appear to be the mouse itself, but the cord. but i'm using like $7.99 specials. and they hit the floor at least once a day.

i had to use a ball mouse for a day last month--GO OPTICAL

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