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HP Deskjet 930C
stephenl May-27-02 08:51 AM
Hi All , after clicking print paper is fed into the above printer model and then when it normally comes out the exit tray it is then pulled back into the printer , operating system win2k and correct driver is loaded

Any ideas ?

1. RE: HP Deskjet 930C
lbyard May-27-02 01:37 PM
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Check the printer settings in the Application. Iíve seen that happen with pin-feed paper in dot matrix printers. I think Iíve seen it with cut paper as well. You might be seeing the paper load and then being aligned for the top margin, etc. Check cable. Run a self-test. http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/troubleshoot/print/index.html. Larry

2. RE: HP Deskjet 930C
stephenl May-28-02 04:16 AM
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Solved Larry thanks for the help it was dodgy paper

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