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Opening my own shop
Rich Kollmeyer May-13-02 09:23 PM
I'm working on opening my own "shop". I've been working with computers since 1989, using my knowledge to make other people quite a bit of money. Actually what I'm going to focus on is home networking. I've got the knowledge and experience running wiring, as well as working with all the different types of residential broadband (Satelite, Cable, and DSL). I figure the market is just emerging for home networking and will need to suppliment my networking with repair services. Unfortunately, I don't have the kind of capital to open a traditional shop, what I want to do is focus on in home repair. Obviously with a traditional shop, you've got some customers that will know you're there just by driving by. What I'm looking for is what anyone here is willing to share with me about opening up shop and getting your name out there. What did you get the best results from? Obviously a great portion is going to come from word of mouth - "Hey these guys fixed my problem, give them a call." But until that time comes, I need to figure out the best way to do that. Any, and I mean *ANY* input is appreciated .

Rich Kollmeyer

2. RE: Opening my own shop
lbyard May-14-02 09:11 AM
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Go talk to the sales people at Radio Shack, etc. If you are any good, they will send you some business. Call on local businesses; donít exclude them. Newspaper ads might get some business going, but they are expensive. I found that radio and TV ads do not work. A small storefront would really helps as would some capital. You will need something in the yellow pages. Donít spend much on it no matter how great the people who sell them say they are and infer that the competition is going to do better with big, expensive ads. A one-liner will produce phone calls. A business card type of web site on your local ISPs host might help, but donít spend much on it or bother with a domain name at first. You need a lot more money to start than you think. Take the time to do a business plan. Be sure you are up to it. It is a very tough business and it is always changing. If you make a go of it, know when to quit and sell it. Larry

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