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Burned data CD read problems..
mac May-06-02 07:16 PM

I receieved a burned data CD (OS) which was done using adaptec s/w.

It looks like my 2 pc and 3 different CD Rom drives (including my hp 9300 CDR ) can't read the data and insist CD is not even formatted.

I am a newbie to CD burning ... and only have access to NERO 5.x. only..

What are the things to look for using adaptec s/w to make the CDs readable across the board.

What are the tips in doing so using NERO..


1. RE: Burned data CD read problems..
turve May-09-02 06:47 AM
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Just a thought, but was the CD created using Adaptec Direct CD? It is some sort of packet writing s/ware which allows you to save to the CD as with a floppy. I don't know if anything else would be able to read such a CD, with DirectCD absent (certainly, though, only a CD-R/RW drive would be able to read it).

Can anyone else explain better than I can?!

2. RE: Burned data CD read problems..
Twinhead May-13-02 04:26 PM
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Is the session Closed?
(Especially with the method discribes in the other reply of writing to it as a floppy disc)

This applies only to CD-R disks.

With Adaptec, you can toast a cd-rom and leave the session open so you can add more data in a second toast.
After reaching the capacety limit, adding is afcouse out of the question.
"Deleting" however is still possible.
But, the deleted dataspace cannot be used again.
See to the inner part of the datalayer.
Compare it to a good and readable toasted CD-R.
If you notice any difference in the thickness of the "Unwrited" ring in the datalayer at the middle, there is an unclosed session where the "unwrited" datalayer has its thickest ring.

from the spindle-hole out, there is first a part who has no recording surface.
that is followed by a "Ring" who is actually the indicator that this is the read/write side of a disc.
This ring is clearly visible and feelable.
From the outside of that ring, the beginning of the written data should not further away then .50 Cm (app. .20 In)
Is ther more than this, the session is Unclosed, and not every program can read those disks.


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