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Need Drivers
rayconca Apr-19-02 02:51 PM
Hi Larry,
I have an AMD K6-2 computer with 64mb ram. The main board is:

Main board-----PCCHIPS M599LMR
Serial number--000000000
Bios----------------American Megatrends Inc. 062601 07/15/97.

My 4.5 hard drive recently stopped working and I installed a new Maxtor 20gb hard drive. I installed Windows 98SE as my operating system. After installation I donot have any sound and my video is only 640x480 with only 16 colors. When my 4.5 drive was working I had sound and 800x600 graphics with 256 colors. I tried going to the device manager to reload the drivers for the sound and video, but with no success.
I went on your internet site and downloaded your M599LR driver and saved it to my new disk. when I opened the zip file it was in MS WORD97 format with characters I did not understand.
I have a program called CT BIOS which can read the motherboard; it did and gave me these results:

ID--------------------FC, Type : AT
Bios Date---------07/15/95
Ami-Bios----------Version 06.21, 15.07.95

I desperately need the drivers for this motherboard to have the sound and video working as they did on my 4.5 hard drive. Pleas help; it's greatly appreciated. Thank you very much, Ray Conca.

My home address is--------38 Calumet Avenue
Johnston, Rhode Island, 02919, USA
My phone is--------------------401-351-9698.

1. RE: Need Drivers
lbyard Apr-19-02 04:20 PM
In response to message 0
>I went on your internet site and downloaded your M599LR driver…

There are no downloads available on this web site.


Display driver: http://www.pcchips.com.tw/vgadriver.html
I can’t find/determine the sound driver. You might want to look at the board and determine what sound chip is being used.

Now, unfortunately, I must say what I have always said on posts regarding PC Chips. I have a very low regard for the quality of the products made by this manufacturer. This is based on firsthand experience with their products in my shop. Larry

2. RE: Need Drivers
lbyard Apr-19-02 04:28 PM
In response to message 1 Larry

3. RE: Need Drivers
Anchor 100 Apr-27-02 03:14 PM
In response to message 2
if you need a site for drivers new or old try this link?



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