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billing/technician software
amestech Mar-26-02 03:26 PM
I have been searching, and calling around looking for a new software solution for a computer repair facility. I would like to find something that would allow me to enter in technicians notes in a searchable database, as well as handle my billing needs. Could I get the names of some software others are using.

1. RE: billing/technician software
lbyard Mar-27-02 12:07 PM
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I am using QuickBooks Pro. It doesn't do everything you want, but the alternatives, of which I have not experience, are expensive. I used to use a DOS-based program called SBT. That was quite expensive in comparison. QuickBooks is much better than that version of SBT. Actually, in the “old” days we did a lot of it on paper. Paper for repair notes, etc. does have some advantages in a shop environment. One can have that piece of paper/form (we used NEBs and then made our own) right next to the computer being repaired instead of having to run over to a shop computer (which is frequently cannibalized for Easter egg parts for troubleshooting/testing boards/doing other things in the average shop) to enter notes/data. And the business doesn’t have to provide all techs with laptops that they forget or drop for roadwork. I kept hoping to find THE program for the job, but haven’t yet. I even tried to write my own with Fox and, later, Access, but decided, after a year or so, I wouldn’t live long enough to finish it. I think I have written some of this before… Ah, yes, http://duxcw.com/faq/shop/index.html. Larry

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