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Got a Strange One For You - A work Mystery
Howard Mar-23-02 11:01 PM
First I am running Windows XP Pro. Recently when I go to enter a search arguement into a search field in a web site (this has happened with several web sites) or enter a user name or password into a field, there is data either already entered or being entered automayically as I type. I have to play around by backspacing or deleting to enter what I want. Some of what is being entered is words that I can read (the words, when strung together, seem to make no sense)and some of the characters are represented by "."s.

No I'm not on a network. And no I have not been drinking. It is almost as if someone else was accessing the same field at the same time. It happened just now in the subject line of this Post. I keyed in "A Mystery" - a couple of seconds later the word "work" was inserted. And again with ultiple periods which appeared, then disappeared at the beginning of this sentence after the word inserted.

Am I nuts?

Miami Flnew

1. RE: Got a Strange One For You - A work Mystery
DJ Net2Infinity Mar-24-02 03:19 AM
In response to message 0
No but you either have one heck of a virus, or you may actually have a trojan horse and someone is remote controlling your PC. I would recommend downloading Zonealarm and installing it and see if it continues to happen, if it doesn't you need to get a trojan horse remover.

3. RE: Got a Strange One For You - A work Mystery
Anchor 100 Mar-29-02 03:40 AM
In response to message 0
A Warning this happen to me on Windows ME last week
I was well and truly Hacked the first I new was when my IE6 tool bar etc appeared to change from my settings to some strange colours and Icons??
I had PC-cilln 2000 installed and operational but the Hacker still just got through
Sorted it out and Updated to PC-cillin 2002 and personal Firewall activated
But to find out from whence the hacker came
I connected up an old system with IE5 and PC-cillin 2000 not fully updated
Sure enough the mouse appeared to have a mind of its own exactly the same as a remote administrator uses and then Explorer was directed to a web site that did not appear to exist?
I disconnected but as I feared it was to late the Browser and all other software programs Icons were changed and much more that I can go in to here
The worst impact was the destruction of the boot sector on the Hard Drive B****** hackers
It required a format etc and full re-install to resolve it
MORAL of this tale DO NOT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN and keep your
Antivirus software up to date

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