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errors saving files in Frontpage98
Dean Oct-31-01 04:43 AM
Having recently re-formatted my hard drive, I saved all of my website back up files to CD, now, when I edit these files in Frontpage 98, the system refuses to save them , giving this error notice: 'an error occurred while attempting to write the file'
I have encountered this before.....what has happened to the files saved on CD and how do I re-configure these ? they seem get converted to 'read only' files , what does this mean??

1. RE: errors saving files in Frontpage98
lbyard Oct-31-01 05:17 PM
In response to message 0
Exactly what it says. You can read them-in, but you cannot write them out (change them). After you have copied the files back to you hard disk drive, highlight them in the Windows Explorer (select the first one, hold the Shift key and select the last one), right click them with your mouse, select Properties, and uncheck the Read-only box. Or you could open the web from the CD and publish it to your hard disk drive. Larry

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