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rsierra Oct-29-01 04:36 PM
Hi Gang,

I want to learn how to Telnet. Does anyone know a site that I can use to get the commands I need to get around?

Thank you

3. RE: Telent
lbyard Oct-29-01 07:15 PM
In response to message 0
Telnet opens a terminal session with a host computer. Once you are connected, you are communicating with the hostís operating system and applications. If the host is running UNIX, you have to learn the basics of UNIX (or whatever derivate of UNIX they are running). UNIX documentation is on-line on most UNIX hosts and can be accessed with the man command (manual). Type man man to learn about man. Try man telnet... The documentation is absolutely terrible. I donít care what UNIX gurus say, those who wrote the UNIX documentation donít know the first thing about writing understandable manuals in the English language. That part of UNIX hasnít changed since the day the operating system was created. The style has been ingrained and perpetuated over the years. In my considered opinion, it is the UNIX operating systemís single biggest weakness. Your best bet it to get a beginnersí book on the subject at your local library. Many of the basic commands are similar to MS-DOS (UNIX came before DOS). Many UNIX commands can be issued from ftp (file transfer Protocol). Larry

4. RE: Telent
rsierra Oct-29-01 09:34 PM
In response to message 3
Thanks Larry,

I was trying to telnet to a printer and a pc. I was just looking for something with basic commands. Thank you for your help, hope all is well.

5. RE: Telent
lbyard Oct-30-01 06:23 PM
In response to message 4
Open a DOS window in win 9x/Me and type telnet. Click help. Once you are connected, the commands are whatever the device/computer uses. That is, telenet is nothing more than a program that turns your computer into a dumb terminal that connects over a network with TCP/IP, just like a terminal connected to a mainframe computer in the old days. There are command line telnet programs out there, but I have not used them in many years. Larry

6. RE: Telent
rsierra Oct-30-01 07:01 PM
In response to message 5
Thank you Larry


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