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Microsoft Outlook problem
terenceybw Oct-11-01 03:34 AM
While I try to move my inbox folder into my personal folder, the process running half way and hang there. So after that, I restart my PC and I realized that the items inside my inbox was gone, as well as those items that it seems succesfully tranfered to my personal folder before it hang.

So, may I know where is all these missing items now so that I can restore it back. Plz help. Thanks

1. RE: Microsoft Outlook problem
lbyard Oct-11-01 03:48 PM
In response to message 0
What is the version of Outlook? Larry

2. RE: Microsoft Outlook problem
terenceybw Oct-13-01 03:02 PM
In response to message 1
From Office 97, Standard edition

3. RE: Microsoft Outlook problem
lbyard Oct-13-01 06:01 PM
In response to message 2
You may want to search your hard disk drive/server drive with the Windows Explorer. The personal folder files are *.pst where * is a wildcard that can stand for any file name and back them up before doing anything. See if mskb 171371, OL97: Using the Inbox Repair Tool to Recover Message Stores, at http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q171/3/71.ASP?LN=EN-US&SD=gn&FR=0&qry=personal%20folders&rnk=29&src=DHCS_MSPSS_gn_SRCH&SPR=OUT97 helps. Larry

4. RE: Microsoft Outlook problem
terenceybw Oct-16-01 01:31 AM
In response to message 3
Thanks Larry

5. RE: Microsoft Outlook problem
adi Nov-12-01 10:57 PM
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U can restroe ur inbox again by doing the following :
1.in the outlook expries click tools then option
2. click maintain tab
3. click store folder buttom ,here U will see the folder that ur emails store on it .
4. then click file then click import then U can import the emils from the folder .

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