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system file missing: mssp.vxd
Dean Sep-06-01 03:27 AM
I'm getting a message on start up ( Win 98 ) saying system ini file MSSP.VXD is missing, I re installed windows but this hasnt helped!!
I've tried using the find file from the start menu to locate it on the win 98 CD with no result either, where can I download this file from?
What does this file do ?

Dean ( New Zealand)

1. RE: system file missing: mssp.vxd
waddy Sep-06-01 09:47 AM
In response to message 0
Get it here

Also its on the original Win98 cd it is located in the net9.cab cabinet file -you can use WinZip to extract cabinet files

2. RE: system file missing: mssp.vxd
Dean Sep-06-01 12:03 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks Waddy for the help
found it on the CD
Odd, that the 'find file' in the start menu didn't locate it on the CD!

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